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Septoplasty aims to straighten the nasal septum – the partition between the two nasal cavaties. If the septum is not centrally situated in the nose, one may experience difficulty in breathing. In nasal reconstructive surgery, the surgical goal is improvement, not to match the ideal, an image that might be present in ones mind. Absolute perfection is not possible.


Some principles should be understood before the surgery is scheduled:


  • The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts about one hour

Limiting Factors

  • Patients should remember there is a limit to the corrective procedures possible or recommended. Some of the limiting factors in rhinoplasty are the contour and shape of the face, the texture and thickness of the skin, the inclination of the chin, lip and forehead, the depth and angle between the forehead and the nose, the height of the individual and the healing powers of the tissue

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